Aft of Eden

We tried to think up appropriate names the whole time we were building the boat.  Some of the names we considered were:

L'eau and Behold   ​The backstory:  We both lived in France a long time ago and loved visiting France a few years back.  Eau is the French word for water.  L'eau means "the water" but is pronounced "Low or lo.  "LO" is a somewhat archaic word that means come look at this.  We ultimately decided against this name because although it was a clever pun, those not familiar with French might not get it.  Also, being French it could be seen as highbrow but as you can see, the boat is anything but!

SEA $PENDER     ​The backstory:  This came to me one day when I was looking at a pile of receipts and realized how much money I was putting into this project.  Elaine didn't like this name because it indicates an over concern with money.  This might be a good name for a MEGA yacht.

VOLIAMO   The backstory:  At the end of Woody Allen's movie  "To Rome With Love" they played the old Dean Martin song"Volare"  This song really resonated with me.  Incredibly romantic and upbeat, just like the movie.   Volare is an Italian verb which means to fly​, but the lyrics are "Let's fly"  The strict interpretation of

​Let's fly is volemmo which does not really roll off the tongue.  I consulted with my good friend Robert Mellino of Italian heritage and he suggested Voliamo which translates to "We Fly."  The problem is that our boat does not really "fly."  Plus unless you are fluent in Italian you would have no idea what it meant.  That's not a really bad thing as an unusual name can be a conversation starter with your fellow boaters. (As if the shape of the boat wouldn't!)  Voliamo was the so called "leader in the clubhouse" until I came upon the next one.

AFT of EDEN  The backstory:  After passing theJames Dean memorial on a trip south, I decided to watch the movie "East of Eden" from Steinbeck's 1952 classic.     The title refers to a Biblical story about how after Cain slew Abel he was cast out of Eden and went to NOD which was "East of Eden"  The setting of the book was Salinas, Calif. which is due east of Monterey, Calif.   Steinbeck loved Monterey and it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for him to think of Monterey as EDEN  and therefore Salinas, where the story takes place, to be "East of Eden"

​I merely decided to change East to Aft which is a familiar nautical term to come up with the name.  Yes, it is convoluted and VERY few people get it without the explanation.  I like to think that where ever I am with the boat, Monterey is behind (aft) of me.