We left NM on Sept. 16.  We made stops at Tucumcari, Tulsa, Rolla, MO, and arrived at the River on the 19th.  We launched the boat at the Alton, Ill marina on the 22nd and made the following stops.

  • Arnold, Mo (anchored in the Meramac River)
  • Mile 95  (anchored out)
  • Mile 15. (beached at a cove)
  • Joppa, Ill on the Ohio River (anchored out)
  • Paducha, Ky  (Docked at city pier)
  • Grand Rivers, Ky (Docked at Marina)
  • Danville, Tn (Docked at city pier)
  • Perryville, Tn (Docked at Marina)
  • Crump, Tn (Beached by restaurant)
  • Mile 193-Tennessee River (Anchored)
  • Pickwick Tennessee (Docked at Marina)
  • Bay Springs Miss. (Docked at Marina)
  • Smithville, Miss (Docked at Marina)
  • Columbus, Miss. (Docked at Marina)
  • On the Tennessee (Anchored)
  • Demopolis, AL (Docked at marina)


From Demopolis we had to rent a car and drive back to Alton, Ill where the truck and trailer had been stored.  Here is an interesting aside:  What took us 19 days by river took us 10 hours by road!  After returning to Demopolis we rested up and then on October 14, we started back.  Stops at Shreveport, Abilene, Las Cruces, and Tucson, Yuma, and Ventura Harbor before pulling in to Monterey on Oct. 20th.  All in all, not counting the rental car trip back to Alton, we estimate we drove about 4000 miles.  River miles we estimate at about 700.

Aft of Eden

We left Monterey, CA on Sept 10th 2015. We made stops at Ventura Harbor, Indio, and Tucson, before arriving at Truth or Consequences, NM.  We launched the boat at Caballo Lake and spent two days there.