Aft of Eden

It all started with building a model out of foam core.    My idea was to build a boat that had the following features.

  • Flat bottom
  • Landing Craft (Higgins Boat) style bow.
  • Sleeping area above
  • Large foredeck to accommodate a small car, golf cart or other utility vehicle which can be utilized when the boat beaches. 
  • Two or three means of propulsion
  1. Small outboard 10-20HP
  2. Volvo inboard stern drive  salvaged from a ski boat
  3. Jet pump salvaged from a Ski Doo and powered by a large electric motor, Ski Doo engine or chain/belt driven from the Volvo
  • ​Self contained which means a source of electricity (solar), on board fresh water tank, bathroom with on board holding tank, shower, cooking stove. 
  • ​Able to be transported, launched and retrieved quickly and efficiently any where there is a launch site accessible by road.
  • Self